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Why Give to the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Foundation?

Your gift to the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Foundation helps ensure the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra’s continued excellence and its permanence as an institution.  Annual grants from the Foundation help students do what they love, advance as musicians, and build lifelong friendships.  Our annual grants to the HRO fund retreats, special concerts, private lessons, instrument and music rentals, the orchestra’s international tours, and other general administrative needs.  Your gifts also help to fund events and projects to connect HRO alumni to the HRO and to each other. In the 2017-2018 academic year, funds provided to the HRO supported the HRO’s annual retreat and the HRO’s performance of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony in conjunction with the Harvard choruses.

Ways to Give

There are a variety of ways you can give to the Foundation including by credit card and check.  Please note that all contributions are directed to the Foundation’s annual fund unless otherwise specified. 


We have also established a Friends of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Endowed Fund whereby gifts will be directed to Harvard University with funds disbursed to the HRO by the Office of the Arts and the HRO’s Music Director.  Gifts to the Endowed fund are intended to support the long-term financial goals of the HRO. 


We also expect to be able to accept gifts of appreciated securities, distributions from donor-advised funds, or by designating the Foundation as a beneficiary on IRA’s. 


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all gifts are fully tax-deductible. 

Click below to make a donation or to learn more about other ways to give to The Foundation.

Donor Honor Roll

The Foundation would like to acknowledge and celebrate the generosity of our donors for the 2018-2019 Academic Year (as of February 2019).  Your contributions allow us to continue providing for the HRO, help students achieve their musical and tour goals, and support new community-building initiatives for HRO alumni. 

Benefactor ($5,000+)

Christine Ausnit Hood

Jerold and Stephanie Kayden

Marilyn Louise Wendell Malpass


Sustainer ($1,000)

Eugene Lee and Sally Park

Byram Karanjia

Mary Ellen Moir

Oracle USA

Kyeong H. Yang and Eun H. Kim


Associate ($500)


Caroline Choi and Howard Kim

Mary Ellen Flather

Richard and Nancy Fryberger

Marion C.S. Letvin

David D. Oakes, M.D.


Patron ($250)

Victoria Aschheim

Laurence D. Berman

Caitlin Donovan

Pang-Dian Fan

Robert Fox

Jason Gelles

Fritz Klein

Judith and Michael Luskin

Ruth McKenzie

Paul Traverse

Harvey J. Weiss, M.D.


Sponsor ($100)

Susan Abrams

Kyle and Mary Adler


Lili Barouch

Drs. John P. and Sophie B. Bilezikian

Andrew Popper and Heidi Vanderbilt-Brown

Mary Daly

Erin Dillard

Richard B. Dobrow, M.D.

Sponsor (cont.)

Maryellen H. Gleason

George Goldberg

Rolf and Nancy Goodwin

Judith Grand

Stephen Hinkle

Eric J. Hintsa

David M. Hutt

Alison Lahnston

Robert Madden and Cynthia Chazotte, M.D.

Chris Min

Michael Pahre

Mather Pfeiffenberger

Stephen D. Senturia

Lionel Shapiro and Elizabeth Jockus

Anne Shreffler

Jeffrey and Tam Smith

David M. Sogg

Scott and Rachel Dobrow Stone

Alvin F. Wen

David A. Wirth

Sandra Yuh


Family Membership ($50+)

Matthew and Caroline Boch

Ernest Cockrell

Richard W. Hadsell

Jon T. Harada and The Autodesk Foundation

Katharine Flanders Mukherji and Dr. Rajat Kumar Mukherji

John Smith

Michael Tabak

Gabriel Walker

Nick Webster

Alfred Yen

Sarah Zaslaw



Timothy Lipman

Wallace Finley Dailey

Thomas V. Yates

Joyce E. Kouffman

Dr. Sheldon S. Nicholl

Other Ways to Donate

Other Ways to Donate

Gifts of Securities

Donating appreciated securities – such as stock or mutual funds – is an extremely efficient way to give to the Foundation due to the associated tax advantages.  When you transfer ownership of long-term holdings, you receive a charitable deduction for their full market value at the time of transfer (up to 30% of your adjusted gross income).  If your deduction is greater than 30%, you are eligible to carry any unused deduction forward for up to five years subject to the same annual limit until it has been fully used. 


When a gift of securities is made, the donor benefits by not having to sell the securities and therefore avoids realizing capital gains, and the Foundation benefits from a gifted amount that may greatly exceed your cost basis. 


If you would like to donate a gift of appreciated securities, please contact us.  We recommend that you first consult your financial planner for any gifts of securities.



Planned Gifts

For many people, the most practical way to make a significant gift to the Foundation is through their estate. 


Please consider gifting to the Foundation through:

  • a codicil to your will

  • an amendment to your revocable trust

  • a retirement plan beneficiary designation

  • naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of your life insurance plan

  • a donor advised fund or private foundation succession plan

Estate plans should be prepared by and with the advice of an estate planning professional (lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, etc.) to ensure that your intentions are carried out.  The Foundation is not able to provide legal advice or counsel on matters pertaining to gift planning.  Contact us if you are interested in a Planned Gift. 

Sample Bequest Language

A general bequest, unrestricted as to purpose:

“I give (____ dollars) or (____ percent of my estate) to the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Foundation, Inc., a Massachusetts charitable corporation, for the purpose of [state purpose of gift].”


A bequest for a specific purpose:

“I give (____ dollars) or (____ percent of my estate) to the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra Foundation, Inc., a Massachusetts charitable corporation, for the purpose of [state purpose].  If, in the future, in the opinion of the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra board members, all or part of this gift cannot be usefully applied to the above purpose (or in the above manner), it may be used for any purpose within the corporate powers of the University that will most nearly accomplish my wishes and purposes.”


Please note, gifts designated for specific purposes must be approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  Please check with us before designating a special purpose bequest.

Donor-Advised Funds

Since assets in a donor-advised fund are invested tax-free, making a distribution from such a fund to the Foundation allows you to combine tax benefits with the flexibility to support multiple causes.  If you are using a donor-advised fund to make charitable contributions, please consider including the Foundation as one of your causes. If you would like to make a gift to the Foundation through a donor-advised fund, please contact us



IRA Charitable Contribution

Designating the Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement plan is another tax-efficient way to show your support.  Retirement assets are often subject to income tax when distributed and estate taxes – but when you make an IRA Charitable Contribution, the Foundation will receive all or a part of the plan assets undiminished by estate and gift taxes. 


Any individual who is 70 ½ or older can transfer tax-free gifts (up to an annual maximum of $100,000) directly from their IRA to the Foundation using the IRA Charitable Rollover.


If you would like to make an IRA Charitable Contribution to the Foundation, please contact us.  To start, you can request a beneficiary designation form from your plan’s administrator (or change the designation online), naming the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Foundation, Inc. as the beneficiary.

Credit Card Donation

Make a Credit Card Donation

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