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HRO Student-Alumni Mentorship Program

In fall 2018, the HRO Foundation launched a mentorship program to pair interested HRO students with alumni.  This program is a meaningful way for HRO alumni to stay connected with the orchestra, and it serves as a resource for current students to access career advice and share academic experiences.  The goal is to take the HRO beyond college.  Students and mentors are matched on the basis of academic interests and career aspirations.  


As of spring 2020, there is also an option for alumni to sign up to be mentored by fellow alumni.  Alumni are matched on the basis of occupation and professional interests.


If you are an alum interested in becoming a mentor, or a student or alum interested in becoming a mentee, please sign up below. 

Once the HROF receives your information,​ the Student Relations Committee will pair you with a mentee/mentor; you will both then receive an email of introduction.


  • Mentors, please send a short greeting to your mentee, telling a bit about yourself and identifying areas/industries in which you might be able to assist.

  • During this time of physical distancing, mentors and mentees may connect via email, phone, or video call.  

  • The Student Relations Committee will be checking in to see how things are going, and then following up with a feedback survey at the end of the year.

  • Most importantly, have fun!  This is not meant to be a stressful or high-stakes experience.  The hope is simply that some enriching connections will result! 

Mentor Sign-Up

Mentorship Program Sign-Up

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