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Our History

Since its founding in 1966, the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Foundation (formerly known as the Harvard Pierian Foundation) has provided financial support and practical assistance to the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (the “HRO”) in ways both large and small. In more recent years, the Foundation’s work has expanded to include developing opportunities for engagement of HRO alumni/ae with each other and with the HRO.

Our Mission

To sustain the traditions and aspirations of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra and to foster lifelong connections among past, present, and future generations of HRO players.

Our Goals

We seek:

  • To provide resources to enable HRO to pursue projects furthering musical excellence to be shared with audiences around the world

  • To empower HRO’s student leaders by offering business expertise and providing institutional memory

  • To encourage interaction among HRO’s players and alumni/ae and their larger communities through artistic, educational, and social programming

Our Leadership

The Foundation is led by a Board of 4 officers, 24 directors drawn from HRO alumni/ae and community supporters, and several representatives of HRO’s artistic and student leadership.

In addition, the Foundation’s work is furthered by its six standing committees: Development, Alumni Engagement, Student Relations, Communications, Finance, and Governance.

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